Described by many as a mystical phenomenon that when viewed leaves a person changed forever, the Northern Lights is a vivid demonstration of nature’s incredible beauty and power coming together.

This natural wonder is the inspiration behind the Segway Powersports Canada logo. Only something this magnificent could capture the possibilities, excitement, and adventure that the Segway Powersports experience has to offer.


Home Is Feeling

Home is a feeling. A feeling that is an accumulation of sights, sounds, interactions and experiences in a place where you feel fulfilled and at peace. The Segway Powersports vehicles and ownership experience provides endless possibilities for riders to discover home.


Segway Powersports is set apart from other brands in the industry - our design, build quality, technology, and standard features allow our riders to have a premium experience with more value and options than those on the market currently. We are a leader in performance and functionality, and recognize that our riders are a broader group consisting of families, women, trailriders, hunters, anglers, and utility users.

Segway Powersports has adopted strategies and learned from the best across the industry to bring a truly new and unique machine at an accessible price. We are focused on the ownership experience, destinations, and community.


We know the feeling.

At Roost Factory even our name embodies our heart and intent. While not everyone is committed to endless rooster tails on the tracks and trails and waterways on the way to where we are going or what we are chasing – everyone needs or wants a Roost. Seeking a place to go to and a place to return to – that special place whether it’s a canvas wall tent, a log cabin in the woods, or a luxurious cottage or residence lakeside – that place that we can Roost and rest – reflect and enjoy.

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